Armidale's World Class Garden
by reallycoolgardener, posted 9:31am, 08-06-2013



Petition Purpose:

This petition was created to support this idea: "Armidale's World-Class Garden".

This petition is not for presentation to any council or government body. Its purpose is to develop a contact list of people who are prepared to give time to help make the garden happen.

Petition Description:

At some stage, assuming that this petition reveals that there is a substantial number of ‘willing workers’, the garden committee will contact the petitioners to explain and discuss its plans to progress the World-Class Garden.

The current committee is a group of four who conceived the idea and have canvassed the idea over the last two years. They are Kel Hardingham, Anne White, James White and Lynne Walker.

If the project receives the public support that it needs to progress, a new and broader management structure will be required

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